He Loves Me!

"He Loves Me" is in process, this is the reference photo. I'm back after a long rest and recharging my batteries...tee hee! If your an artist sometimes you need a break just to RE FILL the Well, never work yourself into the HO HUMS it's not good for your creative muse!
How do you refill your creative well?  Read a good art book, see an art show, visit places that inspire your subjects, or switch to another creative process for a bit (designing Jewerly is my other creative outlet) one of my galleries shows my jewerly as well as my art..nice!

This is going to be a tiny little painting 4" x 8" for a show this fall....and this reference photo is only the gem of the idea, I plan to alter values and placement to make it more interesting and to lead the eye, also to change the shape of the dasiy's petals to make it a prettier shape.

So Stay Tuned.....Day ONE! Apx. 4 hours of work....rough but the  pattern on the teacup looks pretty good. NOT happy with the saucer shape..needs adjustment...i caught it doing the table (whine) to be FIXED later. Didn't want the refection to be mirror pretty happy with the glow.

I used two brushes to do the detail on the cup "CAT'S Tongue" and is a red sable.....from which is a great little brush shape and short handle for up close work. Photo below.
I used a deep blue (Ult. Blue mixed with Phaytho blue" painted the lines (making sure I varied their shapes and thickness of lines, then went in with a tiny touch of white which picked up the blue and added to the value in the patterns. IT also mushed up lines, to perfect of lines makes for a dull painting.
The block in is almost done...except for the white dasiy petals...those will wait till tomorrow...
I sayed with a warm background to compliment the blue cup.
Three dropped if you do the old saying he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me is where the picking of dasiy petal stopped in this painting. I always tell myself a story about my paintings. HA

This is the second layer on this tiny painting....but before I painted, I lightly sanded the surface to remove any dust bits or hairs..this makes for a cleaner looking painting. 
Then I painted another layer on the background to add the lighter color (naples Yellow mixed with the background colors ) near the tea cup as I plan to add a bit of steam in the next step. deeper shadows and saucer shape adjustment. The dasiy petals were one stoke to make pretty shapes. and I painted them thicker so they can be the flocal point. 
The reflection on the table will be painted again, to get the glow of the dasiy reflection BACK which I lost in playing with the shape of the saucer  and I liked it better in the block will LOOSE the right edge of the saucer reflection...see its always about ajustments, every step.

one week later
I let the painting dry for about a week in my studio, gave it a soft sanding with walnut oil to remove any little dust bunnies. Then proceded to finish the painting. 
A cool glaze on the cup, and reflected shadow on the table putting back the reflected glow of the dasiy and adding more color to the table on the left hand side. Finished the cup with a few highlights of white to help POP the left side and handle. The daisy was cleaned up with white and added a bit more depth to the center of the flower.  Decided NOT to put in steam in cup.
Hope you have enjoyed this little lesson.
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